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Since the early days of Seinfeld Frankie has been knocking them dead in the aisles. 
First national appearance was doing his act on 

Saturday Night  LIve 
Frankie  was one of only seven comedians to perform his act on that show. 
He also performed his act on the Joan Rivers show and even kissed Actor Robert Urich as a joke during panel

Quoted in The Daily News review t
" There was so much good nature laughter in the room  that you wouldn't hear a tractor trailer falling through the roof..

Joke Teller, Story Teller and a Master of Props 
Frankie is always a hit never a miss
Frankie Pace
Actor  Writer  Comedian
I just want to say that out of all the comedians I have ever seen or have ever been with ,Fankie Pace is the funniest comedian with the most talent and the most hipness I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live-he can make a person who has just been hit by a car laugh. He can make anyone crack up. He is original, funny and clean to boot. If you want to see something different. See Frankie Pace and you won't be sorry.FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY -Very FUNNY.....
John Carfibungle
Contact: 631.848.5254
Frankie Pace Rocks
Subsidy of Jimmy Fallon
Frankie Pace 
Mohegan Sun Arena 
​Audience @ 7000
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