FRANKIE PACE A national headliner, performing since the early days of Seinfeld. Frankie's performances have always proven to be a hit never a miss. Joan Rivers dubs him a lovable madman. Bill Boggs calls him "Wacky Frankie "
Bill Ervelino of the New York Post exclaims "The room was filled with so much good nature laughter, you wouldn't hear a tractor trailer falling through the roof."

With the help of Eddie Murphy Frankie's first national performance was on Saturday Night Live where he met Julia Louise Dreyfus, Joe Piscopo and Jim Belushi.

His other TV credits include FOX TV, A&E, The Sopranos, The Apollo Comedy Hour and Comedy Central's Make Me Laugh. Frankie was also on The Cosby Show and The Joan Rivers Show and hosted his own show on USA's Night Flight called Rick Shaw's Takeout Theatre, playing numerous characters.

Whether Frankie performs in Casinos like the Mohegan Sun Arena in front of 7000 or just an intimate country club private party, you'll enjoy the talents of this gifted comedian.
More credits include: Saturday Night Live, Flight of the Concords,  Comic Strip Live, Comedy Tonight, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Caroline's Comedy Hour, HBO, Cinemax,eetc
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Comedian / Actor / Writer/ Radio Host
"Celebrity Quotes"

Bill Ervilino/ NY Post .....
"There was so much laughter in the room you wouldn't hear a tractor trailer if it fell right through the roof......

Robin Williams " Crazy Frankie, I love him"

Hal Kanter/Comedy Writer for Academy Awards
"Frankie is a class act"

Bill Boggs " He's Whacky Frankie Pace"

Eddie Griffith "A Truly Funny Brother"

Whoopi Goldberg " Funny Funny and Funny"

Tommy Chong "Frankie's a Funny Dude"

Vincent (Sopranos) Pastore "Great Act"

Howard Stern "Creative"'

Joan Rivers " He's a loveable madman"

The Frankie Pace Show Promo
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