Photo Gallery
These photos below are of me and some of the wonderful people I've had  the opportunity to  cross paths with in my career.  
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Meeting up with old pal Kevin Meaney after 15 years. We worked together at The Gateway Playhouse in Bellport Long Island... God  was he still as  funny. as ever
With Louie Anderson after our Show at The Paramount  Smithtown NY
Frankie with cast of SNL Senator George McGovern and wife.. Frankie behind Clara Pella "Where's The Beef?" ...Jim Belushi off to left
Senator George McGovern intros Frankie onto SNL Stage
Frankie with  Film Actor/Singer Danny Aiello  at his comedy club "Danny's Upstairs"
Frank Zappa "Comedy Tonight"
Doing shtick with Zappa was a treat.
Truly a  unique and interesting man. One of a kind. They look similar here don't you think?  
I mean, they/'re both wearing black.
Getting big laughs from  Joan Rivers
This shot taken 1985 
"The Joan Rivers Show " 
Guests included: Robert Urich & Poison
Want to see Frankie  kissing Robert Urich?..... Go to    then  type "kissing Rober Urich"
1998 Comedy Store  Los Angeles
Photo of Frankie with pal Eddie Griffin back stage.
"Although he has been busy doing films  and peforming  his act, Eddie  has  never been too busy to not say hello to me. I respect that in a person..."
Frankie with Pal Fyvish Finkel you may remember him from  the TV Series "Picket Fences, Boston Commons" and many other shows..
Law n Order's Richard Belzer hugging Frankie at the now Defunct "Catch A Rising Star"...NYC 1984  Those were great days.....
Frankie with Actor Jamie Farr from "M.A.S.H." Series
Frankie did  a peformance for Jamie's  benefit in Toledo Ohio
With  Friend Actor Tony Darrow
This photo taken at benefit Tony ran at 
The Villa Roma, NY.
Tony has been in Sopranos  Seriies numerous times, Goodfellas and a host of  other films
"Comedy Tonight" Frankie with Pals  
John Mendoza, Cheech Marin, Bill Boggs, 
Dom Irrera and Tommy Chong
Frankie with Mentor Comedian/ Actor  Chuck Mc Cann Star of
"The Heart is a lonely hunter" 
Chuck sometimes plays a white bearded judge on "Boston Legal"
With Actor Charles Durning 
Frankie was doing a performance at the Friars Club when he met. Mr. Durning ... one classy guy
Norm Crosby
Florida Atlantic University 
 with Stewie Stone and Dick Capri
 " Catskill Kings of Comedy"
Working with Joe Piscopo at the Sands Atlantic City 2000
Frankie with Pat Cooper
1994 Backstage Broadway Theater Elmsford NY
Cartoon drawing of me by old pal  Rob Bartlet 
Which reads
To Frankie The man who's missing one chromasome. Love Always Rob Bartlet 
Rob is a regular on the
 " Don Imus in Morning Radio Show"
Spinks Dinner @ Friars Club NYC  Frankie is surrounded by a host of old time celebs
Frankie with Richie Teinken at his club  The Comic Strip. Richie was nice  enough to let Frankie workshop his new one man show " A Lovable Madman" see website
With dear ole friend and  Comic  pal Kevin Knox perfroming at Giggles in Saugus Mass. Kevin has been battling Cancer and thank god he's  doing well. A great guy and a funny man.
1984 Friars Club
Frankie  posing with ole pal Barry Berry Douglas  Comic/Writer for "In Living Color" 
Barry is Frankie's #1 Pal
With friend  The  Famous Wally Amos Aboard  the cruise ship Celebrity Zenith     
Wally sold off his Famous Amos cookie franchise and now resides in Hawaii. He's  recently opened a new cookie business
Wally is a  wonderful human being and we wish him the best
Frankie with ole pal Actor / Comic - Joe Piscopo  
This photo was  taken at a christmas party Joe and Frankie did for  Sal Divinio of  Fidelity Realty... A great guy Catch Joe this summer in Atlantic City...
Doing a benefit with Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy of Sopranos Fame) Vince talks tough but he's a softy. Catch him on "The Wise Guy Show"  
Sirius Radio
 "The Cosby Show"
Alongside Malcom Jamahl Warner 
  and Lisa Bon'et 
Frankie Plays a waiter for this scene
2006 Frankie with Pal Fredrico Castelluccio  (Furio in The Sopranos)...
Opera singer Frank Tenaglia stands in background
Frankie Working a Crowd at NYC Comic Strip 1984
Losg Angels Circa 2001 
Billiam Cornell, Jim Myers, Adam Farrar, Keven James, John Blenn   John Bazar, Frankie Pace, Don McEnery
Photo of Frankie portraying Mobster Frosty the Snowman in a movie spoof called 
"Sometimes Santa's Gotta Get Whacked" 
Written and directed by Rob Markopolis....
want to see this video?
 click here
Frankie surround by Soprano Stars Vicent Pastore, Frederico Castellucio and Tony Darow along with Larry Chance and the Earls
Frankie and Comic Friends
Hal Kanter, Bruce Smirnoff, Gerry Bednob
Frankie with the late  verteran comic  Ron Carey...
Ron played a cop on tv comedy seires "Barney Miller"
 "I'll miss his nutiness and sweet attitude. 
We had a lot of great laughs together."
This was Pilot IFrakie did for Bill Bogg's
"Comedy Tonight" 
Bill's a great lover of comedy and a good friend. 
Catch his new one man show 
"Talk Show Confidential" and visit his website
Murray (unknown comic) Langston, Frankie, Hank Garrett (car 54)
Working with Bobby Vali at The Brownstone NJ
Frankiw with Singer Julias LaRosa Doing benefit  for City of Hope ...Florida Atlalntic  University, FL
With Pal Gene Santini
In this photo Gene and Frankie were working  together in a show Frankie put together calls
"We're not Martin & Lewis...But We're Close"
Frankie with  Writer/Publisher Jeffrey Gurian (Laughing Matters) after Frankie's performance of "A Lovable Madman"
Frankie with 710 Radio Personality Joey Reynolds and side-kick  Paul DeVere
With comedian and old friend Rich Hall
You may know Rich  from Saturday Night Live or from  his book  "Sniglets"..A Great Guy
July 4th Party at my house with Italian comics 
Left to right
Nick Corsentino,
Frankie Pace, 
Vince Dantonna, 
Joey Kola
Frankie with Bill Boggs and the young Cheech n Chong talking at end of show.
Frankie with Danny Aiello's Son Rick.Aiello ......
"Danny's Upstairs" Comedy Club
Frankie with comedian Mal Z. Lawrence
Mal  is the star of " Catskills on Broadway" He's a whacky off the wall comic
who brings the house down every time.
Frankie with friend & Actor  Michael Ansara 
Klingon-Kahn in "Star Trek"
Original tv series "Broken Arrow"
Once marreid to Barbara Eden 
of the tv seiries "I Dream of Genie"
Trumpeter  Jack Sheldon
Jack who once led the Merv Griffith Orchestra
Frankie performsThe Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, Connecticut
 Estimated crouwd 6000.
Joe Piscopo took this shot of Frankie with Lettermen Talent Co-ordinator Eddie Brill after their performances @ Hilton Gardens Hotel  Staten Island.
Frankie ) with The boys of Larchmont, California  Robert Blake was missing  in action..
With Comic Buddy Paul D'Angelo doing a comedy room somewhere in Vegas
"Return To The Catskills" Frankie with Pals  
Freddie Roman, Corbet Monica, Sammy Shore 
We had six weeks of fun at Harrah's A.C.
The Mohegan Sun Arena with
      Comic Dick Capri
Frankie doing a corporate for Foley Incorporated gives a hug to Carmella Soprano Look-a-like
Frankie with comedian Pals
Sal Richards & Mal Z. Lawrence
With Freddie Roman (left) working at Harrahs Atlantic City show called "Return to the Castkills"
While Freddie Roman performs on stage I am standing on a chair to keep up with  Bruce Smirnorff and Dick Lord  after our performances at the Lyric Theater in Stuart Florida
With Comic Pal Dennis Blair at 
The Famous Jerry's Deli in Studio City  California
Dennis worked as a opening act for Joan Rivers, and the late Rodney Dangerfield and George Carlin
Me with Pal Comic Dick Lord
Dick was also best friends for many years with the late Bobby Darin
Que Loco TV
Frankie on stage afer his set
With with Sammy Shore father of Pauly Shore. Backstage  Harrahs in Atlantic City.I'm crouching here for shot
1984  Friars Club with long time friend and great entertainer Scott Record.
1983 Frankie working out his act at the now Defunct Catch A Rising Star  NYC
Frankie Portrays a hitman in this comedy spoof " The Hitter"
Elmsford Broadway Theatrer
Frankie with Rich Remeriz, John Rizzo and vic Debeditetto
Frank wih Hal Kanter "Laughing Matters" Westwood Playhouse  Westwood,CA
1985 Bill Boggs talks to audience about Frankie's act while Whoopi wearing a red bandana and sunglasses looks on
Frankie needs a little height to wave goodnight with Bill Boggs "Comedy Tonight"1985
Frankie with Jamie Masada owner of "The Laugh Factory" Los Angeles 1999
With Comic  Pal Steve Sweeny
Boston's own FunnyMan
With Pal Mike Clark owner of Giggles Comedy Club in Saugus Mass. He's also Brother of Lenny Clark who stars in  FX's  "Rescue Me"
Frankie Plays Piano for Host John Mulrooney - Comic Strip Live
Frankie @Friars Club with Joey Kola, John Pizzi, Vic Dibeditetto, Joe Rapp, Tony Darrow and Charles Durning
Comedisans and Actors of THe Sopranos @ Friars club Dinner
Frankie with Classic Comedians @Friars Club
Left to Right  Dick Lord, Frankie, Stewie Stone,Magician K-Mar, Jackie Fontana and London Lee
Frankie doing Sumo Routine with Comic Mark Rossi...God those were fun days....
Frankie with Actor Hank Garrert (Killer in 3 Days of The Condor)   and  Jackie Kahane..once opening act for Elvis
Frankie with Singer of Earls Larry Chance  guy my height is Bobby  drummer of the group
Frankie doing a pose for the New York Times...
Frankie clowning with comic now producer Billy Reeback
Frankie with John Kassir(Tales of The Krpyt)  Soupy Sales, Bill Boggs and Mark Gastinov (NY Jets)
Whoop on Comedy Tonight with Frankie, Kassir, Gastinov, Sales and Boggs
Frankie working on set with Lenny Belzer for brother Richard's CineMax Special
Frankie hanging with The  Whid after their show at Cesars
Hanging with Chips Cooney after doing their show at Cesars
Frankie with comic pal JJ Rameirez at Comic Strip NYC
Frankie with Actor / Promoter Danny Curits after " A Lovable Madman" performance at The Comic Strip
Frankie with  theater producer  Gary Smith after Frankie's performance of "A Lovable Madman" at The Comic Strip
Frankie Lifts Mark Gastinov on a bet while John Kassir (Crypt Keeper)  Soupy Sales and Bill Boggs look on.
Frankie with comic buddy Floyd Vivinno both performing at the Westchester Theater
Frankie with comic Vince Dantona after a gig
Villa Roma December 08 Frankie with Pal, Singer/Comic Johnny Petillo from Doo Wop group Danny and the Juniors