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A funny bone find
rankie Pace, short, stout, dark and mustachioed, walks out on stage wearing a black beret and announces
 "Yeah it's me Mario from Donkey Kong"
From there on Pace can do no wrong,  though precisely what
he's doing seems to defy every conceivable convention of what a stand-up is ,or should be.
Is there anything funny about a man holding two pointy pieces of plastic in outstrecthed hands, humming the theme from "Jaws" as he slowly brings them together?
Yes, no matter how often you tell yourself it shouldn't be.


 Pace is a former plumber - and he looks it - who finally got into comedy because all of his friends told him he was funny,  and he is.
Most plumbers in such situations would have had the good sense to buy a nice new suit, put  together 15 minutes of clever sophisticate material, standup straight, speak from the diaphragm and patiently avoid props, lispy impressions and laughing at their material.
Fortunately, Pace did none of the above. And though his clowning  is occassionaly too broad, he's capable of filling a room with so much good-natured laughter, you couldn't  hear  a tractor-trailer if it fell through
 the ceiling. Pace  is a natural, a 
winner, a find, He even fixes sinks.   What a guy.

Plumber vs. Jaws
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Every so often a character surfaces that seems to touch the hearts of viewers, as much as Charlie Chaplin and Red Skeleton made their audiences love them, to Frankie Pace the world is not only a stage... it's a playground. It is rare that a comedian has this much fun making others have fun! Frankie Pace's humor tends to be silly, but it's infectious, reflecting his enjoyment of his comedic art. He's relaxed and works the crowd with confidence. His haphazard approach is refreshing and it accentuates both his simple gaga and friendly personality.
To attempt to define him is disastrous. Frankie Pace, a former plumber who plunged into show biz as a stand up comic, says, "I used to do jokes and characters on the job to make the guys laugh." He traded in his monkey wrenches and pipe cutters for a bag of tricks! Or in Frankie's case, literally a suitcase full of props...
A standup comic, Frankie Pace is the direct antithesis of everything a standup comic is supposed to be. We can label him an impressionist, but that's too easy. He does impressions of people and things no one in his right mind would think of doing. Who goes around imitating a CB radio channel, a lawn sprinkler, or the first astronaut to sneeze during a space walk? At one point Pace suddenly and mysterious begins to radiate a whiff of Chaplin. He is sad and we are laughing with tears in our eyes, identifying with every one of his characters and reveling in the total enjoyment of his set. Frankie Pace is... good news... good people... good times.
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By Bill Ferretti
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