"Laughing Matters" Westwood Playhouse, Los Angeles
"Love Ally" Comedy Store Playhouse, Los Angeles
"Buddies" Houseman Theatre, New York City
"Pick Up The Pace" PSNBC Workspace New York City

"Lost and Found" Jeff Pollack - Director
"The Riveter" Aaron Productions
"Sometimes Santa"s Gotta Get Whacked" Robert Markopolis - Director
"To The Moon Alice" Chantliteir Productions
"11.11" Will Byrne - Director 

The Tonight Show / Jimmy Fallon- NBC
"Flight of the Conchords" - HBO   
"The Soprano's " HBO - David Chase - Ex. Prod
"The Joan Rivers Show" (special guest) FOX
"Saturday Night Live" (special guest) NBC
"Tough Crowd/ Colin Quinn (special guest) Comedy Central
"Comic Strip Live" (special guest) FOX
"Comedy Tonight with Bill Boggs   WNEW-TV -NYC
"The Cosby Show " (Principle) NBC 
"Make Me Laugh" (special guest) COMEDY CENTRAL
"Which way to the Superbowl" (numerous characters) NBC
"The Richard Belzer Special" (numerous characters) CINEMAX
"Rick Shaw's Takeout Theater" (wrote & hosted) USA NightFlight
"C.B.T.V." (hosted chldren pilot series) Rankin & Bass - Lorimar Prod.
"Show Offs" with Malcom Jamahl Warner (various Characters) Disney Channel
"The Joe Franklin Show"  (special guest) WORT New York City
"Apollo Comedy Hour" (special guest) NBC
Comedy Caravan (special guest)  WB
"Caroline's Comedy Hour"  A&E

The Joan Rivers Show
Saturday Night Live
Casinos/ Mohegan Sun Arena
Joe Piscopo
Corporate Shows
New York Comedian and Lovable Madman
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